April 09, 2021

Important Articles


  1. ‘Double mutant’ strain named B.1.617 (Science)
  2. RBI’s first purchase under G-SAP 1.0 set for April 15 (Economy)

Prelim and Main

Main GS II

  1. Beyond zero sum
  2. Explaining Pakistan’s flip-flop on trade with India
  3. India silent on back-channel dialogue
  4. SC meeting on vacancies inconclusive
  5. ‘No ad hoc judges in place of regular recommendations’


  1. Plough to plate, hand held by the Indian state


  1. Biden govt. restores aid to Palestinians
  2. S. commits to withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq
  3. ‘All options open on South China Sea’
  4. No U.S. decision yet on Afghan pull-out
  5. K. to set up £43 million fund for migrants from Hong Kong

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